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City addresses Pipeline crowd issue

December 3rd, 2010


The City and County of Honolulu and Honolulu Fire Department have responded to Star-Advertiser requests for more details about a developing situation at Pipeline Cafe.

As previously reported on The Pulse, the Kakaako nightclub has been forced to adjust its entertainment calendar after the city reduced the club's occupancy to fewer than 300 people late last month.

The venue changes are a result of building permit and fire sprinkler issues at Pipeline, according to owner Greg Azus. A first-floor addition lacked the proper permit when it was built in 2003, and the club does not have a functional automatic fire sprinkler system. The violations have barred the club from using the addition and a second-floor lounge, bringing the club’s legal capacity from 951 to 299 occupants.

When contacted earlier this week, Azus said he had "no idea what made this come up now.” HFD spokesman Capt. Terry Seelig disagreed, however, with the club owner's characterization of the situation when he spoke with this columnist on Friday afternoon.

“The company, Pipeline Cafe, has known about these concerns and violations for years,” he said. “In November, we reached the point where we had to act because there was no sign of compliance. There was no good faith effort to get these things done, even though there were promises.

“The only alternative was to reduce the capacity to what is safe for the building's size and protection systems.”

According to city spokeswoman Louise Kim McCoy, the department of planning and permitting sent the club a notice of violation on Nov. 22 for “interior alterations done without a building permit,” although she said no fines were assessed. Azus said he has since acquired the necessary permit.

The citation introduced significant limitations at the club — for “public safety reasons,” McCoy said Pipeline is only allowed to use a 5,000-square-foot area that allows for 299 people inside at any given time.

In order to accomodate the club’s legal capacity, said Seelig, Pipeline would need a sprinkler system that is “charged” with pressurized water already in the pipes and ready to flow if sprinkler heads are affected by heat. Once that system is in place, the club can return to its original capacity.

“But that building should never hold more than 951 people,” Seelig added. “Anything over that would be over the maximum capacity. … It’s not designed to hold that many people.”

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  • 8 Responses to “City addresses Pipeline crowd issue”

    1. Jonisalive2:

      enough already. they are trying to fix it obviously. how is this a story? It would be a story if they were closing or something but this is like a heavy dose of Too Much Information.

    2. Anonymous:

      Sounds like somebody didn't want to give to the Christmas bonus fund.

    3. sonia:

      This was the best show ever at the best club ever.whoooo Nikatina!!!!..keepin it safe. i got kicked out,but i still will go back. hella people got kicked out b4 me, but as i was fallin asleep against the wall maybe i should of gone home. Security was cool. they doing their job.

    4. Pulse Weekend Rewind: December 3-5 – Honolulu, Hawaii Calendar of Events – Hawaii Entertainment and Nightlife – Honolulu Pulse:

      [...] City addresses Pipeline crowd issue [...]

    5. Yoyoma:

      It's about disregard for safety. The owners/managers of Pipeline have known about the buidling code violations as well as the lack of building permits, and had some fateful event occurred we'd be seeing charges and lawsuits like at The Station fire back in 2003

    6. DeadEnd:

      Pipeline sucks nowadays and pretty much lost its touch with new owner/management! They still got Jed, Pepe, and the asshole Andres, but they ain't got the backing and support anymore from what made that club...Like Rich. Every promoter is looking towards different venues, even myself, such as the Kakaako Amphitheater, and paying less as well for better accomadations, venue, service, etc. Greg of Hawaiis Natural High should really think of selling the place, or burning it for insurance purposes.

    7. DeadEnd:

      I mean Chip! Not Rich! My bad, different club. LOL

    8. plumbing:

      You can glue as you go, but you have to preset the right angles on your connectors each time then quickly glue them at each point. Downside is, you're married to it. The other way is to connect the line all the way before gluing so you can still turn the pipe if needed to adjust. Then go back and glue it together. Downside is parts up the line may pull away making your cuts inaccurate. When you go back to glue you may have to re-cut some lengths.

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