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Diddy was close to performing here

March 3rd, 2011

You'd think with all the promotion superstar hip-hop producer and rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs (pictured) is doing for his Dirty Money project that Honolulu would be one of the stops on his "Coming Home" tour.

We're not.

Sure, the tour doesn't technically kick off until April 14 in Chicago, but the recent news that Diddy would make an appearance on the hit CBS television series "Hawaii Five-0" meant he'd be on-island for at least a few days of filming. Why not kick off the tour in paradise?

Turns out, Diddy's camp was in talks to bring his Dirty Money experience to Honolulu. According to a source, one local concert promoter made it through the entire deal-making process to the point where a venue was secured, Diddy's artist rider was sent over for inspection and plans were in the works to send his management a deposit to lock in the appearance.

But, as often is the case when it comes to big name acts like these, the deal was off before it could be completed. When Diddy's camp asked for a higher appearance fee than was originally discussed, the promoter was forced to scramble and try to pick up a partner who could help with the financing.

Unfortunately, the promoter couldn't make a deal fast enough to meet Diddy's deadline and had to bow out of negotiations. At this point, fans may spot him out and about, but it doesn't look like he'll be making any public appearances while he's in town.

According to a post on Twitter by "Five-0" producer Peter Lenkov, Diddy arrived in Honolulu this week and finished his first day of filming yesterday. A representative for the production said Diddy would not be available for interviews while working on the show, although he did speak with the local CBS affiliate yesterday (guess it's one of the perks of having "Five-0" on your network).

Come on, Sean. We're both on Twitter. Get at me — Let's go drink some Ciroc and talk about the Yankees. We can meet up in Chinatown, and I'll even walk over to Otto Cake to get you a slice of the best cheesecake in Honolulu!

Prie ‘Still Flying’ with new mixtape

March 2nd, 2011

He may be just 19 years old, but Prie Falaniko is making some pretty grown-up moves in local hip-hop circles.

His latest mixtape, "We Fly HI 2: Still Flying," has received plenty of positive feedback since its release early Sunday morning and even scored a feature on hip-hop website By the end of the month, he expects to have filmed his first music video and released his first collaboration T-shirt. And if the stars line up just right, he may be in Austin, Tex. for this year's South by Southwest Music Festival.

"I just been grinding man," Prie said Tuesday. "Before, I was just trying to get my name out there. But now, it's more focused on me just being comfortable. Just, like, coming more with my sound."

With 27 tracks total — 22 of which are actual songs — "We Fly HI 2" is a generous serving of a young, hungry MC with plenty to prove. Luckily, he's rolling with some heavy hitters within Oahu's hip-hop community. Flip the Bird, led by entrepreneur/MC Tassho Pearce and DJ Jimmy Taco, has opened the young artist's eyes to what is possible if he sticks with the program.

"It feels good. (With) my fellow labelmates, it's all love. We all support each other," he said. "I got to know Creed (Chameleon), Tassho, Taco, everyone a little bit better. We just bonded.

"They're like big brothers to me. They're mentors."

Along with producing new material for his current (and future) fans, Prie continues to hone his craft via live performances. Catch him on stage at 4Play Nightclub in Aiea on March 17, followed by a gig at Blue Ocean Thai in Kakaako on March 18. His "We Fly HI 2" release party is tentatively set for March 28 at NextDoor during the nightclub's new monthly "Nextcoast" hip-hop showcase.


Download Prie's "We Fly HI 2: Still Flying" mixtape via this link. CD copies of the mixtape will be available for purchase during the official release party later this month.

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